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90 days in 90 minutes - Planning Session


With my expertise, clarity becomes your ally, providing a precise understanding of the steps needed to achieve success, reduce workload, and amplify your business impact.

We will collaboratively shape your annual business goals and troubleshoot the next 90 days.


How it works:  In our 90 minute session, we'll dive into your yearly objectives, aligning them with your company vision. We'll explore your desired income, products/services, team requirements, necessary systems/processes, and crucially, the time available for implementation and its impact on the year.

The 90-day plan will prioritise your top 3 goals, complete with a timeline for implementation.

You'll be provided with a detailed action plan, including resources and next steps.


Follow Up:  You'll have two follow-up sessions with me each month throughout the quarter. These sessions serve as a check-in for accountability and provide an opportunity to address any questions you may have regarding your progress.


Bonus:  But the journey doesn't stop there—I won't just hand you a plan; I'll also integrate it into a Project Management tool of your choice. This will ensure smooth tracking of your goals, empowering you to allocate resources and tasks efficiently as you action your 90-day plan.

Strategic Planning Pathway: Plans & Pricing
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