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Online Business Manager and Strategic Growth Partner

Heather Vincent, Certified OBM

I'm on a mission to empower ambitious entrepreneurs like you to grow your (online) business sustainably, making a real impact. Let's cut through the chaos and make your vision a reality.

I've got your back with strategic support and planning, freeing you up to run your business and focus on the world-changing impact you aspire to make.


Now, more than ever, the world needs entrepreneurs who can truly make a difference – and that's where you come in.

Are you that passionate entrepreneur with life-altering products and services? Tired of wrestling with software, feeling drained, and crossing your fingers that everything behind the scenes runs smoothly?

You started your online venture to reach more people and create a meaningful impact, but somehow, you've ended up drowning in day-to-day management. It's time to break free from the cycle, focus on your clients, nurture your creativity, and expand your business network.

The never-ending to-do list is stifling your creativity, and you're wondering how to carve out time to create that course, program, or summit that the world is eagerly awaiting.

So, what if you could liberate your time and creativity? Imagine the transformation for your business and the world.

By receiving support in managing your online business, team, tech, and projects, you'll reclaim space for your creativity and enhance client service. It's a chance to step into your role as a visionary leader, grow your business rapidly, and finally unleash the impact you've been dreaming of.

Choosing the right support is crucial – someone trustworthy, equally invested in your business, adept at operations, project management, systems, team building, and strategy. And guess what? That someone is me. Let's make your entrepreneurial journey an exhilarating success! 🚀

Heather Vincent

I bring honesty, reliability, and expertise to your business, with a knack for asking insightful questions and achieving results.

I'II dive deep to understand the situation, propose and implement necessary changes. I'II oversee your systems, operations, teams, and projects, lifting the daily burdens so you can concentrate on expanding YOUR business.

My pledge to you:

I will step into your company as an attentive listener, an unbiased observer, and a trustworthy confidante.

Heather Vincent, Certified OBM

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